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AfTAC - trade: CEMAC member countries ready for 1 January 2021


This is what emerges from the videoconference organized today by the AUC, a few days before the holding of The Extraordinary Summit of Heads of state and government of the African Union.
"I return again to the exemplarity of Cemac, its six states have ratified the agreement. With regard to Cameroon, its instrument of ratification was transmitted to the Embassy of Cameroon in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We advance, the hope is that three out of five customs Unions will file before the 05 next December ," said the Minister of trade during the virtual meeting of African trade ministers on tariff dismantling in the framework of the African Continental Free Trade Area-Affta.

On Tuesday, November 24, 2020, participants proposed measures aimed at orderly and controlled tariff liberalization from January 1, 2021.The projects to be submitted to decision-makers on the occasion of The Extraordinary Summit of Heads of state and government of the African Union on December 05, relate to the draft texts on the launch of trade in January, the risk of disputes between investors and states regarding covid-19,the transfer of functions and the structure of negotiations on the AfCFTA.

According to the Gabonese, Rwandan and Kenyan parties, there are dead spots : the late filing of tariff offers by some customs Unions, the question of ratification, the problem of coherence. This forces actors to consider the implementation of the AfCFTA, with a focus on the issue of preparedness at the local level .Faced with the delay, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana representative of the Cameroonian side specifies : "Cemac has notified its tariff offers, the problem is not that of Cemac, but rather of others .The member states have ratified individually, remains the filing procedures. The instruments are already in Addis Ababa, just the transmission to the African Union Commission-AUC .

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